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Vierpaardjes project, Venlo, Netherlands

Requirement: The objective of this application is to isolate future residential buildings from vibrations caused by passing trains travelling through a subway. Ballast and concrete are also to be protected.

Construction work has begun on the new Vierpaardjes railway subway in Venlo. The removal of the old railway crossing should make the traffic situation smoother, more barrier-free and safer in future, avoid delays, traffic jams and inconvenience and improve the quality of life for residents. The entire construction period will take more than two years and is scheduled to last until the end of 2025. The MSS USM 1000 W from Calenberg was used to protect the surrounding area from future vibrations caused by rail traffic. At the same time, ballast and concrete are to be protected using Ciprotec 6018 from Calenberg.

The long-life and maintenance-free MSS USM 1000 W from Calenberg was used to protect the noise-sensitive residential complex from structure-borne noise emissions and vibrations. Ciprotec 6018 was used for the ballast and concrete protection. The installation of both products easily fulfils the specifications and offers optimum protection.