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„Lokhöfe“residential complex

A new „Lokhöfe“residential complex is being built in Rosenheim, which was developed by S&P Commercial Development GmbH. The building complex includes student, nursing, and senior living units.

The development area runs close and parallel to the railway line. According to evaluating the results measured on site, measures against the immission of secondary airborne noise are required. One of them is the implementation of an elastic decoupling of the basement walls bordering on the ground, which are on the side facing the track and partly on the flanking side. Furthermore, groundwater below ground level is to be expected.

This elastic decoupling was carried out with Calenberg products Cisador® 10 and Cisador® 80. A single layer of Cisador® 10 was applied to the upper half and a double layer of Cisador® 80 to the lower half of the outer basement wall. The Cisador® types are particularly suitable for the elastic decoupling of buildings in groundwater.